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Tim Enochs
Executive Coach

For more than 12 years, Tim has passionately helped clients discover their deep desires and vision for business and life - then helped them get there. By taking an honest look at where people are and where they want to be, Tim helps clients close the gap and achieve success.

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Your Life Plan Should Never Leave Your Desktop

Building Champions CEO Daniel Harkavy recently spoke to an audience of executives at their corporation’s customized Experience about prioritizing what is truly important to you. Urging them to make tough choices each day to get the results they want in work and life, he asked, “Are you giving your leftovers to the people who mean the most to you?”

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One Change for Big Impact

At some point over the past few years, I realized that great visions aren’t developed, they are discovered. People don’t just come up with a great vision. This is true for individuals as well as teams. I realized that, for the most part, individuals and leaders of groups say they want others to buy in to their vision. After hearing this over and over, it dawned on me that, in many cases, that’s what they get. However, it isn’t necessarily what they want.

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