Meet Our New President: Q&A with Kirk Lohmolder

Post by Building Champions on November 26, 2018

Today we’re announcing a new addition to the Building Champions team: Kirk Lohmolder has joined us as our organization’s new president. He succeeds Barry Engelman, who will continue to support and expand our mission as one of our Executive Coaches.

If you haven’t met Kirk yet, we’re excited for you to get to know him better as he leads our team. We recently sat down with him to hear more about his background, what drew him to Building Champions and what he’s looking forward to in the months ahead.


Building Champions: How did you first hear about Building Champions? What were some of your first impressions?

Kirk Lohmolder: I was introduced to the company about two years ago. Like everyone who’s come to identify with the group, my own experience isn’t too surprising; there’s a certain attraction and connection with the organization that seems to develop quite quickly. The more I learned about their passion for helping clients flourish personally and professionally, the more interested I became in seeing if there might be a place for me to come alongside their efforts.


BC: Were you looking for a new job at the time?

KL: No, not at all. I was in the middle of a sabbatical after spending years in executive sales leadership. I knew I needed time to rest and reset. But I also knew in my heart I eventually wanted to find a mission-driven professional home I could look back on and be really proud of. And the more I got to know Building Champions — its coaches, staff, proprietary tools and mission — it became obvious to me that Daniel Harkavy had built something special here.


BC: We’re not known for rushing any personnel changes — our CEO, Daniel, wants to ensure everyone is the best fit. What was your experience like?

KL: When Daniel and I began establishing a relationship, he made it clear that he seeks out people who will add to the culture that exists today. And yes, he does take a long time to get to know potential new team members or executive-level leaders. And especially for a role that would be leading the company, I knew we both needed to vet one another thoroughly. But eventually, I knew I had found a company with a mission I believed in.


BC: Is there anything else that stood out to you when you were considering the role of president?

KL: Yes, the caliber of the staff and coaches was a huge deciding factor for me. Everyone takes their work very seriously. I could tell that they believe every job is worth doing well. And everyone on staff recognizes that when they speak into the lives of leaders, it has a cascading effect on teams and organizations as a whole. They never gloss over the real impact that Building Champions can make through just one coaching relationship.


BC: Moving to a few personal questions, what’s your favorite sport?

KL: Soccer! I’ve been playing since I was 4 and played indoor soccer up until recently. I’m a Portland Timbers fan and have had season tickets for years. It’s a complex game to really understand, and I love the truly international nature of the game.


BC: Do you have a favorite place to spend time outdoors?

KL: Yeah, a buddy of mine owns property on the Umpqua River near the Oregon Coast. He invites a group of guys to go camping with him every summer, and it’s a highlight of my year. No cell service, fishing all day, sitting by the fire at night. I lose track of time.


BC: Can you tell us about your family?

KL: I’m blessed to be married to my wife Heather, who is a great step-mom to our three kids, Josh, MacKenzie and Joe. Josh is 25 and it’s been a lot of fun watching him make his way in the world and seeing him discover that he has what it takes. MacKenzie is 21 and quite tenacious! She works incredibly hard to achieve goals she sets for herself. And our youngest, Joe, is 17—I love how he really cares about people, how they’re feeling, etc. He’s always looking out for the underdog.


BC: Before we wrap up, is there anything else you’d like to say about what you hope to achieve as president?

KL: In the next few months, we’ll be hitting the ground running with new initiatives to expand our vision, mission and services. What Building Champions offers is world-class executive coaching and CEO Mentorship, and I can’t wait to empower our staff and coaches to look for ways to create more room for coaching relationships across the country.

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