Leaders Must See it First

Post by CEO Daniel Harkavy on December 17, 2014

Vision, vision, vision, vision, vision!

I am sure many of you are sick of reading about this less than concrete leadership mandate, but I am absolutely convinced that too many of you are not reaching your full leadership potential because you don’t have the clarity needed or have lost sight of what is most important.

Here is a simple test to help you assess whether or not your long-term vision perspective needs to be improved.

  • Your vision is in writing
  • You review it on a regular basis, no less than once a month
  • Your vision truly compels you
  • Your vision is so clear, you can build your strategic plans from it
  • As the result of your vision being compelling and clear, you consider yourself to be a confident and passionate leader
  • You have a proactive plan for sharing your vision with all you serve
  • Your vision inspires and engages all on the team and it lets them know what they belong to, who they are going to become and what they are going to build

IF you answered no to any of the above, this could be your opportunity. I love what Dr. Henry Cloud says about leadership and vision, “leaders make the invisible, visible.” Leaders who see current reality and where they are headed over the long haul create a healthy and natural gap between the two. This gap is then the object of their focus as they move into the next perspective.

These visionary leaders not only see who they are going to become and what they are going to build, they bring these decision making filters to all in the organization.

They see the real purpose of the organization and their purpose is always bigger than the product they create, the service they provide or the money they make.

The leaders of long-standing great companies are masters at helping all in the organization see how they play a vital role. But in order to do this, leaders must see it first.

My question for you is, do you see how all in our organization play a vital role? If not, feel free to contact our team for access to the Business Vision Tool that we walk our clients through. It will require investing the time to create, then humility to share and get collaborative input from your leadership team. Ultimately, it will require the focused discipline of regular reviews and sharing in order for you to lead the team to build and become all you see and most likely, even more!

Improve your long-term vision perspective.

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