2021 Life Planning: Set and Achieve Your Goals [Video]

As 2020 comes to a close, Daniel Harkavy reflects on the year and shares the importance of creating a Life Plan. If this year has left you feeling off-course or adrift, it’s time to review, reflect, and plan.

Video Transcript

Hey everybody, Daniel Harkavy here. Here I sit, December the 15th, just 10 days before Christmas, two weeks before New Year’s. And then we turn the pages from one calendar year to the next. And one of the things that I’m looking most forward to between now and January 1st, 2021 is doing what I do at the end of every year. And what I do is I’ll take a day, I’ll head down to the coast here in Oregon, and I will do my life plan review.

So right here, I’ve got my life plan and it’s that guiding tool that kind of helps me to make the decisions that I need to make each and every day so that I can add the most value and accumulate net worth in the areas of my life that are truly the most important and assess where I’m at.

What do I need to adjust? What do I need to change? Well, I think we could all agree that in 2020, where we wind up is, for most of us, at a much different destination than maybe we thought when we were here a year ago.

December 15th, 2019, would any of us have thought that we would be where we’re at as humans within just a year. And this book Living Forward that came out four years ago, I co-authored with my good friend and client, Mr. Michael Hyatt, we talk about the drift. We talk about this, this force, this current that’s really reliant upon our emotions. This current and our emotions and circumstances all work together to cause us to make decisions that could lead us to a place that’s off-course. We just kind of drift because what we’re missing is a plan.

What we’re missing is a GPS for our life. And in 2020 so much has been radically turned upside down. So we believe at Building Champions, self-leadership always precedes team leadership. You need a plan to lead yourself really well.

And I want to encourage you to join me between now and the end of the year. Please join me. Write your life plan. If you’ve never done it before, Living Forward will walk you through how to do it. Do a life plan, review, and rewrite. We’ll give you that tool. But come into 2021, having done either of those so that you have clarity around the decisions you want to make and how you want to adjust to this new current reality. Our starting point and our GPS is a little different in mid-December 2020 than it was in 2019. So, I’m going to be spending the day down at the beach.

I don’t care where you live. I want to encourage you. You take care of yourself, you fill up your own well. You take care of yourself so that you can then give and take care of others and spending a day reviewing, reflecting, and creating a plan for your life. That enables you to figure out where you want to, where you want to fight the drift and make the greatest contribution in the areas of your life that are truly most important. By doing it, it will not be a waste of time, it will be a difference-maker as you head into 2021, another year of uncertainty, but a year of opportunity.

So, we’re here to help you. I hope you do it. And I hope it is a rich and rewarding day that bears fruit in your life in the months and year ahead.

Take care. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah. Happy New Year. Thank you.


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