Transform your Beliefs to Become a Coaching Leader

Dan Foster, Principal Coach at Building Champions, talks about the importance of transforming our beliefs in the journey to Becoming a Coaching Leader and shares six questions every coaching leader must answer. Watch Dan’s short video to learn how you can transform your beliefs.

Video Transcript

Hey, everyone!

Today, I want to talk to you about your coaching leadership journey – and, specifically the idea of becoming a coaching leader.

You know, when we say that word, “becoming,” what we’re really referring to is the process of transformation that occurs in your beliefs around leadership and people.

On my journey, I learned that transformation doesn’t start with developing new skills, systems, or habits. It starts on the inside, with our beliefs and specifically, our beliefs about ourselves, others, and our circumstances.

So today, I want to ask you a few questions to help you reflect on your beliefs and the progress that you’re making and transforming from manager to coaching leader.

So let’s start with what you believe about yourself. Do you believe you have a mission and purpose to serve others and help them to develop into better leaders, both at home and at work? Do you believe you have more to give than just tracking performance and reviewing budgets and negotiating deals?

Now, let’s shift to what you believe about others.

Do you believe that people can change for the better? Do you believe that better humans make better leaders who deliver better results, both at home and at work? Do you believe that everyone has potential, something to give, and has a purpose in life and leadership that just needs to be discovered?

And finally, there’s your beliefs about your circumstances. Do you believe your life and leadership experiences, both the successes and the failures, have meaning and provide opportunity for you to share lessons learned with those that you coach?

How do these questions sit with you? Are they ones you’ve answered and thought through? If you’re going to transform from manager to coach, these are questions you must answer.

I encourage you to take some time over the next few days to sit down and reflect on these questions that I’ve asked you. Write down your answers and compile them into a coaching leadership philosophy for yourself that specifically states what you believe about yourself, others, and your circumstances.

Write down how you see your role as a coaching leader helping you to live out these beliefs. This is a fun but a challenging exercise, but I guarantee you, it will help you truly transform into a Coaching Leader.

I know it did for me.

Talk to you soon.


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