Reimagining Our Strengths and Weaknesses [Video]

Todd Mosetter, Vice President and Executive Coach at Building Champions, talks about strengths and weaknesses. Instead of the traditional way we think of strengths and weaknesses, Todd presents a new way to frame them that can help you destress and reenergize.

Video Transcript

There’s more than one way to think about strengths.

Hi, I’m Todd Mosetter. I’m a Vice President and Executive Coach here at Building Champions.

For the past 20 years or so, there’s been a ton of focus in the leadership development world around strengths. And for good reason.

When we as leaders can focus on the strengths of our people, the things that they do really well, and develop those, have good coaching conversations around them, the results are clear. You see fulfillment, engagement, productivity, and results all go up.

But there’s another way to think about strengths as well. Rather than just thinking of a strength as something you’re good at and a weakness as something you’re poor at, what if we thought about strengths as things that give us energy, that fuel us? And weaknesses are those things that drain us, that deplete us?

So, a strength is something that you’re drawn to. When you’re doing it, you feel passionate and fulfilled. Often, you find yourself in a state of flow. Time flies by because you’re enjoying it so much.

And weaknesses? Now, those are those things that when you see on your calendar you dread doing. And they pull the energy out of you.

A while ago, I had a chance to participate in a great study. I got to wear a heart rate monitor for a week and with it, I kept a journal of all my activities. The goal was to understand when my heart was being restored and fulfilled, and when was it being drained.

Well, the results were clear. There were two things that really stood out. In a sea of red and green, these two things were consistent. My family and being creative.

For me, my family, whether it was a quick FaceTime check-in in the middle of the day or when I got home at the end, it gave me strength. I would immediately go from red to green. Because, for me, my family is a source of strength and energy and creativity. In a sea of meetings, working on the business, and connecting, there would be some red there because they’re stressful.

But when I had a chance to be with coworkers, and be creative, when we are in front of a whiteboard, thinking of new ways to help people or to create something new, my heart would immediately go into green. Those two activities were strengths for me.

So, what did I do? I tried to find ways to build those into my day. Rather than doing them all at one time or once a week, how can I break them up so that in a day where I might be feeling down, I could get a quick pick-me-up?

And today, it’s even more important. As many of us are finding the pace in the parenting and the stress of the schedule all combining, we need to find those activities that give us strength.

So, here’s my tip for you, take some time and think about, what are those activities that give me strength? I’m drawn to them and when I do them, I have more passion, I’m more fulfilled. And find a way to do more of them. And find a way to be creative of when you do them.

We, as humans, are drawn to things where we can feel fulfilled and engaged. Those are our strengths. So, find a way to do more of those. They’re important.

And those weaknesses? We might not be able to completely avoid them, but find out, can I get rid of them? Are they things I can delegate or are they things I have to do? And if I have to keep them, when can I do them that I can still be productive but not deplete my energy?

Here’s to leveraging our strengths.


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