The Best is Yet to Come If You Believe It

I have always believed the best days are still in front of me, and that for all of us the best is yet to come. I realize that for many people this idea is hard to believe.

Perhaps you feel that it could never happen for you. But if you don’t believe that better things are in store for you, how are those things ever going to happen?

Instead, embrace the mindset that you deserve greater things, that you’re fully-equipped for any opportunity, and that you can have all you want in your life, no matter where you are now in your journey. At my age, 75, I still believe the best is yet to come — something new that will have an even bigger impact on me and others.

Here’s how you can keep these thoughts in mind and be prepared for great things to happen in your life.

Expect Great Things to Happen

It took a while in my life to fully grasp that wonderful things would happen. But I kept believing they could, kept looking for them and doing the things that would put me in the right position for them to happen.

I can’t emphasize this enough; for good things to happen, you need to maintain the mindset that they really will happen, even if nothing good has occurred up to this point. The right mindset is critical.

Be Alert to New Opportunities

As important as it is to remain present and do the best you can in the moment, keep watching for new opportunities. Not every new opportunity may turn out to be the right one, but keep believing something better is ahead and stay open and receptive to the new opportunities that cross your path.

This includes staying alert to the little things — the little opportunities — that could lead to something greater.

As you try out new opportunities, you’ll steadily improve your skills and be ready when the perfect opportunity — the one you’ve always been waiting for — becomes available. Each of these “little” things builds greater confidence and provide exposure to new things which will benefit you on your journey.

Accept New Challenges

I always had confidence that I could figure out a way to do whatever the new challenge was. You need to believe that you can handle all opportunities.

One of the first times this really became evident was early in my career when I worked for Ronald Reagan, who was then Governor of California. The Governor was asked to speak at a conference on the state of the California economy. The address ultimately fell upon me to deliver, in the small town of Barstow, California, located in the middle of the desert. Thinking this was a small conference in the middle of nowhere, helped me rationalize that I could do it — and what choice did I have, anyway?

When I arrived in Barstow for this “small-town” meeting there were 800 people in the War Memorial Auditorium and I shared the stage with a renowned economist from a major bank. Gulp! To say I was horrible onstage would be an understatement. But in the coming years I did many similar talks on many different topics, and I improved and got more comfortable. This was a huge help to me later.

You never know how new challenges will prepare you for what’s to come.

Keep a Positive Attitude

The world and workplace are full of naysayers and doubters. So it’s important to maintain a positive mindset at all times. Those looking for someone to help their organization or team want people with a realistic “can-do” attitude. Be positive and uplifting — you’ll be rewarded.

Be Humble and Eager

It’s especially important to remain humble — humble, but also eager to accept new and challenging opportunities. There is no need to be arrogant, no matter how gifted you are. Remain down to earth and let the results prove your worth.

The people you surround yourself with will benefit from your can-do attitude and be rewarded as well; it’s all about others and the team’s success, not the individuals.

The best is yet to come — for me, for you, for all of us. Enjoy the journey!


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