What Does it Mean to Be a Coaching Leader?

We want you to see yourself as more than a manager.

As a leader, you can be a career and life improver. You can be a Coaching Leader.


What is a Coaching Leader?

What separates a Coaching Leader from a manager? Plenty.

A Coaching Leader is caring. They care for and value everyone in their organizations, not just those they need to care about.

A Coaching Leader listens more than they speak. They know that listening is how we value and care for each other.

A Coaching Leader is patient. They invest the time needed to guide a teammate so he can discover the best solution instead of just telling him what to do.

A Coaching Leader is discerning. They can read between the lines. They look beyond just the words people are using and consider how outside pressures impact performance. They don’t just know what questions to ask but when to ask them. As a result, they can dig a little deeper and get to the root of performance or behavior issues, without making employees feel threatened.

A Coaching Leader is accountable. They hold the responsibility of coaching people to improve—and then ensuring they succeed.

A Coaching Leader is self-disciplined. Coaching leaders are disciplined, with healthy habits and positive routines. As a result, they encourage employees to shed bad habits and develop routines that lead to success.

A Coaching Leader is vision-oriented. Coaching Leaders see and believe in the vision of the organization—and they can help their employees see who they need to become in order to achieve it.

A Coaching Leader is trustworthy. Their actions match their words They hold information in confidence. And they demonstrate that they are for those they lead.


What Our Executive Coaches Say About Coaching Leadership

“A Coaching Leader is someone who develops people.” – Bill Hart

“A Coaching Leader has skin in the game. He or she is willing and able to roll up their sleeves and make things happen.” – Dick Savidge

“Coaching leadership is all about asking questions more than making statements or giving directions. Coaching leaders allow their people to create their own path to success.” – Adam Brantley

“A Coaching Leader is dedicated to the development of people and uses regular one-on-one meetings to maximize the potential of the people they’re leading.” – Dan Foster


How to Become a Coaching Leader

Want to learn more about Coaching leadership? We’ve created an e-book to guide you through the process of coaching and developing your people. In this Guide to Coaching Leadership e-book, you’ll discover:

  • What employees need to be fully engaged at work
  • Key characteristics and commitments of a Coaching Leader
  • How to become a more effective communicator
  • Tips for giving powerful feedback
  • Practical systems to consistently coach and develop your people

If you’re ready to take charge of employee engagement and drive better results in your team and organization, get your Guide to Coaching Leadership today.


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