Building Champions

Executive Coaching

Strategically grow your leadership and influence

Tailored for the leader looking to strategically grow their leadership and influence, our Executive Coaching program addresses specific issues encountered at the senior executive level. Executive coaching develops strategic thinking and long-term planning skills, while also creating Action Plans for overall personal and company growth.

Executive Coaching Includes

  • A Dedicated Coach

    Dedicated Coach

    Your Coach's only purpose is to help you succeed

  • In-Depth Assessments

    In-depth diagnostic personal and professional assessments

  • In Person Session

    An initial 1 day in person, one-on-one session with your coach

  • Regular Sessions

    Bi-weekly 45 minute sessions for one year

  • Proprietary Tools

    Our advanced executive track tools

  • Action Plans

    Help creating customized goal-oriented Action Plans

  • High Performing Teams

    Development of high performance leadership teams

  • Manager Interview

    Manager Interview An interview with your leader or Board Chair

How you spend your time with your executive coach is up to you and your coach. Building Champions Executive Coaches have guided their clients through global impact issues, succession needs, executive development, mergers/acquisitions, reorganization and more. They act as strategic sounding boards to help you work through current problems while planning for the future. No matter what the challenge, you have a partner.

The Executive Coaches at Building Champions have been leaders in their own fields, having left successful companies to focus full-time on coaching. They use their business experience to guide you in your own success. Utilizing the Building Champions tools as well as many other powerful resources, our dedicated coaches will help you identify and achieve your goals.

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