Knowledge is power.

Through our selection of team assessments, we can provide you with the knowledge you need to improve the way your team communicates, manages, interacts and works together.

By working with one of our certified analysts, we can help you create a powerful plan to transform the way your team functions to improve communication, cultivate the culture you want and ultimately improve results.

Available Assessments include:

  • DISC Analysis

    A behavioral and communication profile that will allow you to communicate with extraordinary clarity. Everyone has had a situation in which they were misunderstood and frustrated.

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  • SPQ*GOLD Call Reluctance®

    Considering a job applicant for the sales team? How much would you give to know, before they are hired, if they will pick up the phone to make those sales calls?

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  • The Leadership Circle Profile®

    A rating of performance from the full circle of boss, peers and direct reports revealing a leader's pattern of strengths and limitations.

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At Building Champions we do more than leave you with a powerful report.

We offer specialized coaching sessions during which you and a coach will review your assessment, then create a plan for implementation.