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Living Forward Workshop

Self leadership always proceeds team leadership

We know that professionals today struggle to navigate the high demands of work and life. They are often unable to successfully prioritize and balance, resulting in lower productivity and satisfaction at work. We've developed the Living Forward workshop to help your employees develop written Life Plans in order to live their lives on purpose. Based on the best-selling book written by Building Champions CEO Daniel Harkavy and Michael Hyatt, the Living Forward workshop will benefit your employees and your company by:

  • Helping your employees become more productive, present, and focused at work
  • Creating a culture that allows your people to thrive at work and at home
  • Demonstrating to your employees that you care about their personal and professional development

National Bestseller!

In this workshop your team will discover...

  • Exactly what a Life Plan is - and how it can change their life
  • 5 proven steps to create a Life Plan
  • Framework to give clarity on living a balanced life
  • Proven, efficient process for turning their plan into reality
  • Path toward living a proactive and intentional life

Help your team navigate the high demands of career and personal life

The Living Forward workshop is designed to be three to four hours long but can be customized to your needs. Contact us to schedule a workshop with your team
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